In case of cancellation, the amount to be refunded will be applied to the total amount of the deposit:
• With more than 30 days in advance, the refund will be 100%.
• Between 30 and 15 days in advance, the refund will be 50%.
• Less than 15 days will not be returned the deposit.

For any modification or cancellation it is necessary to communicate it in writing to the electronic address:

In case of cancellation of the reservation without penalty, 30 € management fee will be charged.



  • All group members over fourteen, who are staying in the house, have to bring their identity cards/passports, as we need this information in order to complete the official Police registration forms.
  • The deposit is what confirms the reservation of the accommodation and commits you to the acceptance and compliance with the regulations of the accommodation that you must sign on the check-in date. The rest of the payment must also be made on the check-in date, in cash.
  • Animals are not allowed, in case this isn’t respected, Can Nentia may prohibit the entry of the clients. The check-in is at 17:00 h. and check-out at 10:00 in summer, and 12:00 in winter. I if you foresee that you will arrive after or before these times, please, let us know beforehand.
  • The house has only been rented for the number of people listed on the booking document. To have daytime guests, you have to agree beforehand with the owners. We understand as a guest the person who spends the day in Can Nentia with the right to use some equipment, without sleeping and, that exceeds the capacity allocated to the accommodation, can only be invited with the express authorization of the owner and by signing the liability commitment. The owner has the right to deny entry.
  • Upon arrival we will show you the accommodation to check that everything is in order, you must return it in identical conditions, the day of departure, you must clean the kitchen, do the washing-up and take out the rubbish.
  • We can put a free baby crib for babies under 2 years.
  • We can to put an extra bed, by extra payment.
  • For stays of five days or more we offer a change of towels and/or bedding, which is included in the price, if you wish. Cleaning is possible, but is not included in the price.
  • You have to be careful with the fireplace and the barbecue. When going to bed or leaving the house, the fire and barbecue must be extinguished and all furniture moved away from heat sources. Do not leave children alone with the fire, nor allow them to play with it.
  • You cannot light candles or anything that has a flame or a heat source that could cause a fire.
  • Smoking is not allowed in the bedrooms.
  • You must respect the spaces and the quietness of the neighbours, at 22:00 o'clock you must lower the volume of music, television and social gatherings.
  • Respect the furniture and the lodgings. In case of damage, you must notify the owners immediately, so they can repair it quickly.
  • Please try to save as much water, electricity, wood and heating as possible, to save the planet.
  • The owners reserve the right to enter in the accommodation when they deem it convenient and the circumstances demand (doubtful smells, fire, lights on, windows open on rainy day ...)


-         You have to bring your own bath towel.

-        Children who do not know how to swim must wear a security device.

-        It is obligatory to shower before bathing.

-        It is the responsibility of parents to supervise their children while they swim and the rest of the time.

-        The use is free for guests housed at Can Nentia, for daytime guests the price is 5 €uros per day,

          subject to authorization by Can Nentia.

-        Can Nentia reserves the right to close the pool in case of any damage or problems.

-        We would be grateful if you keep the pool and its area clean and make good use of it.


-        Entrance to children under 14, if not accompanied by an adult.

-        Smoking, eating or access with street shoes in the entire facility.

-        Inserting glass objects, or any other material that may break.

-        Access to the bathing area for people with dermal diseases.

•   At Can Nentia we work to be able to share with our clients a quality home in good condition, so, we ask that you take care of it and respect it as it deserves.

•    If any of these norms are broken, the owners will be in direct contact with you.

•    Company Adhering to the Arbitral System of Consumption through the Catalonian Board of Consumption, number: 3895 enabling the contracting customer to choose extra judicial and voluntary channels, which are binding and free of charge, offered by the Catalonian Arbitral Board of Consumption in order to solve any dispute that may arise.

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